Welcome to Fairny.org the website of Fairness Alliance and Information Resources of New York, Inc., working for a FAIR New York for all.

We are an all volunteer 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization, and the host of the LGBTQ Booth at the New York State Fair, which is held annually in Syracuse, New York. We also coordinate community participation in the annual Pride Day observed at the Fair. 

We host the educational booth at the New York State Fair to provide information and resources on issues ranging from bullying of LGBTQ youth, discrimination facing members of the LGBTQ community in employment, housing and health issues, GENDA, marriage equality and protection of LGBTQ families. Our Booth is a highly visible space that welcomes the general public as well as members of the LGBTQ community, as we work to promote inclusion and diversity through educational information and resources.

The 2023 New York State Fair will run from Wednesday August 23 to Monday September 4.  The special days we will celebrate at the 2023 LGBTQ Booth at the New York State Fair are listed under the Theme Day tab on our menu.

Thank you to everyone who celebrated at the 2022 New York State Fair with us!  We enjoyed sharing resources with fairgoers and celebrating the LGBTQ community and our allies. To learn more about our Booth at the New York State Fair, visit us at https://www.facebook.com/lgbtboothNYSFair/

2023 will be our 22nd year at the New York State Fair! Our basic mission remains the same - to provide resources and information for the LGBTQ community, our family members, service providers, educators and the general public. Because so many LGBTQ people feel isolated in their communities, we provide resources that can provide connections to supportive organizations and services in their communities.  We also provide resources to encourage members of the public to become allies of the LGBTQ community.

On Family Day, Health Day and Student Day our goal is to help educate the public on issues facing LGBTQ youth, including bullying and homelessness.

We also work to educate the public on the many issues facing members of the transgender community. One of the biggest obstacles to achieving equality and justice for transgender and gender non-conforming people is the fact that many New Yorkers do not understand what it means to be transgender or gender non-conforming. This causes misconceptions and forms a culture where transgender people are often disregarded, discriminated against or worse. We believe the best way to overcome these obstacles is to educate the public about the lives of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals and our communities. Transgender and gender non-conforming New Yorkers, like other communities in our state, are diverse and vibrant groups of people with many different stories and experiences.


Some of our volunteers and visitors over the years. 

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Reach us at: FAIRNY, Inc. PO Box 151, Dewitt, New York 13214; call us at (315) 460-6971, email us at fairny@fairny.org or visit our facebook page: 

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We have partnered with the New York State Tourism office I Love New York/lgbtcampaign for the past six  years, and distribute I Love New York rainbow heart buttons and stickers at the Booth. For more information about LGBTQ travel in New York, visit http://www.iloveny.com/lgbt/

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