Health Day


On Health Day we emphasize LGBTQ specific health resources and information for members of the LGBTQ community, our families and service providers.  We have resources that promote health education and wellness, and information from supportive agencies that provide quality health care to LGBTQ New Yorkers. 

We also provide information for health care providers who are seeking assistance in addressing the specific needs of LGBTQ patients, and referrals for cultural competency training to help reduce health disparities related to sexual orientation and gender identification.
We particularly address the needs of LGBTQ New Yorkers in rural areas and those outside large population centers, where safe and inclusive healthcare can be difficult to find. 

To support Health Day, please use the following form for sponsorship. The form can be printed or downloaded.  You can also use the pdf file. 
This form also provides information on how to advertise in the NY Pride Network Guide. 
You can also use paypal to pay for sponsorship on our sponsor page, the icon is at the top of the page, or by check. Please make checks payable to FAIRNY, and mail to FAIRNY, PO Box 151, DeWitt, NY 13214. 

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