Support Pride Day

Support Pride Day: To download this file, use the down arrow, to print the document, click the print icon. The print function also opens a menu to view the document in full screen, and to save the document. To email the document, add this link to your email message, and the recipient will be able to open the form:

For a PDF of the sponsorship form, please click the words sponsor Pride.pdf below:

sponsor Pride.pdf sponsor Pride.pdf
Size : 327.699 Kb
Type : pdf

The following Support Pride Day form can be saved, downloaded or printed:  

For a PDF of the form to support Pride Day 2015, please click the words "2015  Pride Support.pdf" below:  

2015 Pride Support.pdf 2015 Pride Support.pdf
Size : 32.479 Kb
Type : pdf

Sponsors were recognized in a full color handout distributed at the booth, signs prominently displayed at the booth, and a sponsor list handout.